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Fly High.  Root Down.  Connect Deep.

What is Qi Gong & Why Try It?

Here’s my take on it— easier than yoga, complementary to intense work outs and good for my nervous system. 

For me, Qi Gong is a moving prayer that connects me to something bigger. Barefoot in the park under the pine trees I become tuned into sensations. I notice the grass beneath my feet and the ground temperature is cool. Then there’s the bubbling circulation of warmth moving down my arms into my hands after certain movements that has a unique quality of aliveness.

I am reconfiguring my operating system. Maybe I am installing new software. Could be I am enjoying a time out and a grounded feeling in a patch of nature. 


  • Soften my eyes and I notice what openness feels like as I relax in my body. 

  • I am aware of a slight breeze through my fingers. 

  • I acknowledge the firm ground below me. 

  • The tree canopy waves its branches overhead and I notice their movements. 

  • My surroundings become more alive as I take in the sun and clouds. 

  • And as I continue with simple movements, stretches and breath I realize it’s a mindful moment.

The Qi Gong practice energizes me in an interesting way, quiets my mind and heightens my sensations to things outside of the negative frenzy and the noise.



My body, heart and brain unify and what felt fragmented soon unifies.


The breath pattern changes and it’s palpable and deepens, repetitive thoughts surrender and there’s less struggle—more in the now. This response is reliable and I am always recharged and ready to return to life refreshed and clear headed and getting on with things with new eyes.


What we pay attention to expands.


In our practice we stop watering the weeds of our mind and focus on our form, breath and the invisible.


Water has the power to wear down stone and we practice fluid movements. They're simple and make you more resilient to life storms and you won’t lose your edge when you slow down with purpose.


With the unprecedented velocity of life and digital overload pulling us in many directions…it’s a simple practice to enhance:

  1. Resiliency: We bend and we don’t break

  2. Responsiveness: We become less over reactive  

  3. Smooth Out: We feel centered both mentally and physically

  4. Focus: We’re less distracted, more powerful, clear headed/ clear vision.

2500 years old, Qi Gong is an energy practice rooted in China with numerous styles. Featuring movements, breath patterns and focus, it's designed to unleash your vital energy and power by releasing knots, improving circulation, optimizing organs and the nervous, digestive and endocrine systems for optimal health.  



1:1 Private Session

One on one sessions can be the perfect way to get started in Qi Gong, develop skillful use of breath for improved energy and good form, flow and breath 60 minutes.

60 Minute Session

Perfect If:

You are new and don’t feel ready for a group class

You need specific modifications for your unique body

You want to be consistent and accountable to the practice

You wish to fine tune postures

You are interested in creating a home practice routine

You want to concentrate on better breathing

About Me


Once a Type A executive who muscled through for many years, weathering autoimmune Epstein Barr virus flares by napping and pushing. My hormones hijacked me wiping me out and I tried and chased wellness trends with limited success until I surrendered and laid low.

A 20 year long, twice weekly practice of expressive movement helped calm me and introduced me a wonderful community of people committed to restorative practices. And my sporadic yoga classes, breath work, drum circles and open focus meditation delivered momentary relief from my overactive mind it didn’t flow over into my daily life. I remained anxious and tired.

Let me correct this—my life changed but not in the way I hoped for. I lost my familiar edge and habit patterns I was familiar with . My mindful movement and stretch unhooked me from mental constraints and that was a good start. 

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I reemgered and became an author, painter, athlete, adventurous cook and lover of freedom. (Yup, Freebird.) I took a part time leader position at Weight Watchers after reaching lifetime. Taking care of myself became key 5 years ago.  


The opportunity to train in a wellness pilot program at Weight Watchers introduced me to Lee Holden. Modern Qi Gong introduced me to a daily practice, certification, additional learnings, sharing and teaching outside of WW after the program paused.  Lee Holden talks about effortless power, he  embodies it and teaches it. My AHA thought was “this is the feeling of being and aliveness I was chasing and never caught,” and became hooked. I easily committed to  short 10-20 minute daily routines and added a couple of hour long home practices weekly. It became non negotiable "me time." My health and wellbeing improved and I slept better, felt centered and strong and calmed down so I could observe the wild monkeys in my head and they settled down too. Feeling present and at home in my skin is good. 

I have gained dominion over my body and mind. Strong, soft, happy and healthy are my watchwords. I am all about the Maui mind and short bursts of Manhattan mind as needed.

If my life was a square, I discovered 4 areas needing to be in play so I could feel whole.   


Too much concentration in one area throws my life out of balance.

Qi Gong keeps me in harmony. It's the perfect combination of form and fluid so I can be strong and flexible. Call it balance, centered or grounded. It’s the opposite of jagged, wired, tired, exhausted or snappish.

Now I fly higher and go faster without breakdowns.

Joie, Zest for Life

Soft Power, Flow & Water

Strong, Clear Focus

Yang Directed, Active, Initiating

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Copy of Alyse - Qi Gong 4 Quadrants (5).
Copy of Alyse - Qi Gong 4 Quadrants (4).

Form. Flexible. Fluid.

Opened my heart and whole being to Qigong with Alyse Hart.  
She is welcoming without the whoo-whoo vibe. I trust her to guide me through the experience and movements which were extraordinarily simple.
When I started the class I felt like a computer ready to short circuit.
My body and mind went from overwhelmed and burnt out to a complete reboot in under an hour!
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— Jen Svejda


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